Friday, March 26, 2010

A date

I haven't been on a date ..not a 'first date'..for..well, ever since I met H. 

I got so nervous, everything was so spontaneous..and sooo many flashes went through my mind.

What happens if we don't click?
Would I seem weird?
What shall I say?

..And before you jump into any conclusions... the date was with... a girl. Yes, you heard me. A girl!

So why did I go kinda nuts and super nervous? Because I only knew Marlene through her blog. ..Then one day a mutual friend introduced us and as fate would have it, we ended up having a spontaneous lunch/ bloggers date...alone.

And you know what? Marlene is the sweetest girl! We had so much to talk about and time went by so fast!

Anyways.. as a meet up gift I decided to make her some French Chocolate Cake- Its a bake that never fails me and which girl doesn't like a dose of chocolate?

But you know my other dilemma? I ended up packing the cake into a take-away container because I didn't have a single cake box in my kitchen [sooooo organised!!] - And here I am presenting it to a creative graphic designer. Hmph. Grrr. - Sorry Marlene.

Hope she enjoyed it- but know the important thing? I've made a new friend.

Ps. If you hope over to her blog you'll see a freakish picture of me. Sorry about that- the last I checked, I looked slightly better on a smaller phone screen. 


  1. i was thinking... when is our next date :) Really nice meeting you! Alamak, i should listen to JB - to know you earlier!!!!

  2. does he know yet? he'd be in shock.

  3. I didn't tell him yet. But i believe he will drop by our blogs on and off :)