Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ungrateful Wife

Is it our anniversary? No thats past.

Is it when we started dating? Thats no-where near.

Its not my birthday,.. nor his.

Hmm.....Oh NOOOO! He chucked a Tiger on me!!

Those thoughts, those exact thoughts ran through my mind when I received this lovely bouquet of flowers. [and wouldn't you like to have a sneek peek at my office too?!]  

I know the last thought is totally absurd but it still randomly entered my mind. [I'm just being honest here!]

The flowers didn't have a card either...they were just stunning fresh flowers- with a smell so divine I don't mind having hayfever from it ..for now.

So I texted H..and it read somewhere along the lines of :

Did u just send me flowers? * Big smile. What a sweet surprise :)...Well, if d flowers aren't from u I must have a secret admirer.

In total SMS format...tee hee. And take note..I didn't even say 'thank you' rude!

Ps. I still don't know what they're for yet...hmmm.... I just have to figure it out I guess.

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