Friday, March 12, 2010



It was one of those nights where I had a late appointment and couldn't make it home in time to cook dinner. So H offered he will- providing that I wrote out clear instructions, in his words 'specific'..and he'd do the cooking.

Now H, as much as I love him..just isn't a kitchen kind of guy. He's never needed to be. He's grown up with the luxury of maids/housekeepers and a doting mum. So he's never needed to lift a finger- until he met me. That's when his nightmare started. 

Let's just say, the last time he cooked for me was around three years ago, on my birthday. Sweet enough, he took a whole day's leave from work, baked up a cake and did the whole kaboom for dinner. But let's also say, when I showed up at the doorstep: he was sweating, his hair was in a mess and was in his now kitchen-oiled home clothes. He realized cooking is a full time job, was totally tired and called it a early night after that. He hasn't done much cooking since unless he's assisting me somewhat.

So come last night's dinner and I didn't want to scare him off too much. Afterall, it would be nice knowing he could look after himself if I'm not around..okok..AND its beneficial to me too 'cause I might just bribe him into cooking more meals. 

So I wrote very specific instructions..and I mean specific..and gave him a easy dish.

Fettucine Carbonara. And just incase he hasn't learnt his spaghettis and all..i just left it as 'Spaghetti' as not to confuse him.

I packed everything..well nearly everything in a box and left it in the fridge. I left  kitchen utensils/pans/knives/chopping board on the bench because I could just imagine my mobile ringing consistently if I didn't. 

How much spaghetti? How much garlic? What size are the mushrooms? How much salt? Which pan? Where's the herbs? What's saute? How many minutes?

I could just imagine all the potential questions- so I made sure everything was easily visible, all the ingredients were already portioned and left the scribbly instructions on the kitchen bench.

..see..I even drew mushroom shapes and all just incase he didn't understand me!

.. and signed it off..


Just to keep the suspense phone calls came. Not even one SMS.

Was it a disaster? Did he blow up my kitchen? Did things burn? ..Or did he opt for take out?

...I'll show you what he came up with in my next post...stay tuned.

Ps. Just incase you're wondering..I haven't murdered the birds yet..though I just might..because they didnt stop chirping until 9pm last night..and started chirping at 3am!!

Pps. Thought you'd like to know some bird-lover-roof-climber is on their way...tomorrow. sigh. another chirping night!

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