Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Perth v.2010

I've left Perth for a good 4 years now, but theres always something alluring...something that brings me back. I think it's the idea of home, a place I'm totally confortable with. 

People often ask what's there to do? Or comment that Perth is slow and subsequently boring.

But you know what? I won't deny Perth is slow moving...infact that's the beauty of it. But I also wont say it's boring. I don't think a city has to be filled with lights and action to make it lively. It's what you choose to do that makes the difference.

So ever since I met H, I've told myself each time he goes to Perth, we'll do something we dont do in our daily lives- whether that be laying by the beach or going somewhere we haven't been.

Come 2010...we took a short trip to Perth during Chinese New Year.

And our new encounter this time?? Bus-sing it. Yes. I've had a good life. I haven't bus-sed in Perth for a solid 10 years atleast. I felt like a school girl going on a day trip. And H? He loved every minute of mocking my weird understanding of bus timetables.

I'm glad years later we still do silly/weird things together. Don't you just love us? Freaky eyes and all? Lol.

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