Monday, March 29, 2010

Personalised Paper Clips

These are currently rocking my world! They're ruling my paper universe right now and nearly promoting me to a 'organised' status. Come filing day and I'll just put them into their respective folders- and incase you ask why I don't just file things straight away...,.. I just don't.Enuff said.

Anyways..Nifty right?

On one of the rare moments my brain was half functioning on a weekend [dreaded Sunday come Monday blues sort of weekend mind you] - I got inspired by some kikki-k paper clips and decided to make my own personal set for our home-office.

I proclaim it as my Martha Stewart moment!

To make them I just got myself two things:

Paper Clips
Rub Ons

Done in a jiffy. Lurve! Imagine the possibilities..You could even place stickers, print labels or use permanent markers if it tickles your fancy.

My life is so much better with them, my husband now loves me more [no..not really. I made that up] ..the world is just a better place with labelled clips k? You know it.


  1. can u make me some please :)

  2. do you want your husband to love you more too? lol.

    okies. email me what titles u want.