Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Pfft. What is Bearmilk you ask? Never mind. Personal joke between H and I. 

Just incase you're wondering, nothing raunchy- more like something silly, we're always silly- as if you haven't found that out yet. 

Bearmilk is only launched once a year- during the celebration of our engagement.

Anyhows..A year ago, I made this- Milk Immunity. Thank goodness H didn't have to use it- much.

This year, I'm all for it again- with a twist and my chubby fingers.

They sit cute together don't you think?

Cut, mod-podge, decorate.

And these are my new tokens. They're suppose to be like tokens- the 'Admit One' kinda thing.

Technically, if you go by one year with my tokens..I'm kind of stingy- but hey, his tokens last year didn't get used..AND....atleast he got tokens right?!..I choose not to explain the 'tv hogging session'...or the 'model aeroplane'...or 'one baby' for that matter. But I made sure I gave more tokens where I benefit too. lol.

They're complete with perforations. H gives, I tear. Done.

Maybe I'll make a limited edition each year- but I'm fast funning out of token ideas.

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