Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perth Eats

Perth v.2010 just wasn't filled with photos. Maybe because H and I were otherwise occupied with settling errands and housekeeping this time around. The sad part is..I realised I only took photos in two Perth eateries. TWO! Argh..I tell myself I must of been surrounded by too much good company.

John Street Cafe- John Street, Cottlesloe.
You can't miss this quaint blue converted house. One of my all time favourites. Hands down. I Love the vibe, the food, the place. Everything on the menu is delicious! And nothing can beat the sunshine and a stroll to the beach later. 

I apologise in advance for the really doesn't do the place justice. But I was too occupied with plomping myself on the seat, sipping my coffee and waiting for my breakfast than getting up and shooting a better shot.

H's Veggie Lot. Soooo yummy. It doesn't even look vegetarian- but it is. 

My poached egg n ham with hollandaise sauce. I have a on-going thing with hollandaise sauce. It makes me go all gooey inside. Somehow...and I can have this right about now.

Do you need another picture to make you salivate?

Sorry..couldn't help it.

Mr Goz- Subiaco Markets, Subiaco.
I tried making gozleme was ugly. H didn't even realise what it was trying to be. It really was more like a I realised I wouldn't be going that way again until I find a recipe that doesn't use yeast. I hate yeast. 

We'll just stick to Mr Goz. They do the cooking and I do the eating. Works better that way.

I guess Mr Goz wasn't around that day...and maybe this is Mrs Goz?

My kitchen needs this grill. It would be so handy. Imagine the bbqs I could do on that thing!

Our spinach and cheese gozleme. Nice.

..So there u go peeps..the measely TWO places I took photos of food in Perth...maybe you should wait for Perth v.2011?!


  1. Was the gozleme nice?
    I am waiting for Perth v.2010.2 :)

  2. Was the gozleme nice?
    I am waiting for Perth v.2010.2 :)

  3. charles and i always eat there if we're at the markets- but then again i think i've only tasted gozleme in another i don't have much places to compare it with. reminds me of something i ate in Turkey before.

    have a try and tell me what u think- or if u've eaten better.

    i'll definitely update u when v.2010.2 comes out:)

  4. what?? that's itttt??? i was sooo looking forward to your perth food posts!!! hahahha.... but john st. cafe post was worth it!! i literally salivated! haha..


  5. I KNOW!! sorry...i really should of taken more photos..but somehow just didn't remember or I didn't feel like taking out my camera in family reunion dinners- how weird would i look?! but i couldnt believe it was only TWO places.

    I always think of u in John Street..cos u took me there:) GO online!!..I wanna talk to u!!