Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner for 2

H and I are good at being silly and having weird competitions....but in terms of romance..lets just say we left it out the door sometime in dating year number xx.

So..I thought I'd up the romance up a notch- with the new house and novelty of being the 'just the two' of us. I think it was one of those toilet revelations- and I suddenly went 'Ah HAH! Candlelight dinner!'.

So I did up a menu..

Printed it, rolled it up..and set the table...

Lit some candles..and even got some flowers..

Made sure I had the purrfect environment- overlooking my courtyard and all..[but then the mossies came in and I thought forget al fresco]..

..And presented the man with some decent food.

Garlic bread with shredded parmesan cheese..served with French Onion soup. Only I forgot to take pics of the French Onion Soup cos I'm just forgetful like that.

Roasted Lamb with mushrooms and salad.

Ahh..desert....Chocolate ice-cream with naval oranges...

My first candlelight dinner [though it might just be the last] didn't go too bad,....atleast there was no mishaps with food...

So...anyone wanna hire me? Tutera II??


  1. I'll hire you :) Yummy beautiful food. Btw, we have the same placemats!

  2. Thanks di! When do u need me? I do international freelancing too. lol.

    we seem to have a few of the same things:)

  3. Yay, that means I have good taste right? *Winks*

    You're gonna cook for me? How about 7 days a week?

  4. Where's my ticket? haha.

    yaps yaps..thats why we're also besties. hehe

  5. Just the ticket right? Hehe. No problems!

  6. does that mean i'm cheap labour?