Monday, March 8, 2010

1 Meat + 1 Vege + 1 soup

I'm having a hard time thinking of meals for two. I know there's endless possibilities, but when you cook for 2- it's hard- I nearly always cook too much because I want variety. Bad thinking.

So I figured this- Nothing magical, not even slightly innovative..but I suddenly realised I could kill two birds with one stone with Vege-soup. Durh! What took me so long?!

One fine night- Friday 5th March to be precise, I came up with my Chicken Rice combo. And I know my chicken looks ugly..I can't chop chicken for nuts. -Or chop ducks or poultry..or anything for that matter... But to make up for it, I de-boned it. That's gotta earn some wife points right?

Come vege-soup everyday!!

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