Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another New Toy and some Urgent housekeeping

Meet Mr Breville. Isn't he a sexy thang??

It turns this..

Into porky-choppiess...yummy porky-choppies like this.

It gives awesome grill marks..

And it makes my dinners look so try-hard professional.

Its so darn healthy ... I might just do all my dinners for the rest of my life the week on this.

On a separate note all together..[or maybe I should relate it to the griller]..I'm nearly gonna kill some birds! WAIT! Don't call the RSPCA just yet. Hear me out!. Some bird decided to make a nest in my roof! Gawd knows how it got there in the first place and now little birdies are chirping happily all day ..AND night...above my bedroom!! Its makes me deaf! It wakes me up at 4am! 

..Sorry- my vulgar birds kinda look like ducks/dogs ...I had to vent my anger and frustration somehow. Crazy birds.


  1. What did you serve with the pork chops? Looks good.

  2. Mushrooms with hollandaise sauce..n mashed potatoes

  3. Griller is great aye....have you tried doing steak yet?

  4. amazingly...nopes. i want to..soon.

  5. yeh try soon..i think its best for steak cos luv the middle red outside cooked effect:)& its soooo quick!

    let me know wat u think:)