Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Jellybean- October 2011

Hey bub,

The last few weeks have felt like months!

Just before you turned exactly nine months, you got your first two beamers- yes, your two front lower teeth.

You were restless, whingy and in constant need of company.

Then, just two weeks ago, you fell sick for the very first time. You had a virus which has turned nasty- into a chest infection. Boo. So, you haven't been quite you.

You are restless, whingy and in constant need of company.

In summary, you've been a whingy, grumpy baby for the last month or so. Not nice. With the slight glimpse of better health, you do sneak in your cheekiness...your smile. And your smile melts our hearts. It lets you get away with things and makes your parents forget your two-hour crying sessions and all things alike.

If you get better now, we will buy you a new toy.

Just kidding. We aren't suppose to bribe you like that.

...Do get better.



  1. Liya!! mili is soooo cute!! I just want to pinch her and shower her with kisses!! hahah post more pics of her!! han

  2. Aww thanks Han! She's too cheeky sometimes.

    Keep me up to date about your wedding:)