Monday, October 31, 2011

THE Three O

Thirty is the new twenty. Yah hah! Ok, I made that up. But it really should be the case. 

At twenty, I was in uni, unsure of what I wanted, pretty clueless and quite unsure of myself. If I could write a letter to a 20 year old me, I would tell myself to follow my heart and be more assertive. 

At thirty, I've become a stay at home mum, have a better inkling to what in life, still pretty clueless but definitely have a better definition of myself. 

This year, H took the day off work. Just being with him and Jellybean made my day. 

On the night before, H baked his infamous prune cake. Its the one and only cake he's ever baked since I've known him. And honestly, it's pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Jellybean was pretty chum. However, by the time we got to lunch, she was all zonked out and ready to sleep. Here's her chubba legs.

 We dined at Tony Romas. Incidentally, I ate there for last year's birthday too- but with my siblings.

Totally unrelated- but down the street were the several tributes to Mr Jobs.

A few years back I wrote a letter to Mr Jobs. All I can say that is- today, I own a iPhone, iPad and a Macbook. Well done!

This was my favourite tribute...

So that was my day, topped off with dinner at Burswood Atrium with my family. 

Ahh..I'm still loving birthdays despite getting older.

Ps. H, where's my card?! I'm still waiting!?!

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