Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Problem Solving

Jellybean is currently undergoing a fashion crisis. I'm serious!

I love rompers on babies- they're easy for nappy changes, I don't need to think about all the mix and match stuff and they're very practical. However, Jellybean's currently at a age where dressing in a romper looks like her mum left her in in her pjs. And, we can't have you all thinking that can we?...You get me right? Ok, maybe you don't understand my crisis, but I insist.

Oh! In also have another issue; I hate how after my bub wears a onesie paired with pants, her tummy becomes segregated. Is it just Jellybean?! It's a big issue for at-home mums k? I have nothing else to think about but her tummy looking segregated.

And how about dresses for Jellybean you say? Well, I have this other ongoing issue about non-walking babies with dresses- it rides up when you carry them, then their nappy shows, then it rides further until their belly button shows and the next thing you know their whole chest is exposed. Ok, maybe not the latter, but you get the picture.

So a few months ago, I had this special liking for turning onesies into dresses- ala lazy mum way.

I took a onesie and some left over material, and combined it to make a skirt-onesie.

I was so relieved I solved my bub's fashion crisis. I'm currently hired to solve all her problems you see.

So here's bub, playing in her onesie dress. You might also notice my toes on the bottom right- but hey, I got a photo. [You have to excuse my poor photos as of late, getting a camera out seems like a daunting task when a fidgety baby is around.]

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