Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jellybean's ONE!

...and a bit...[cos her Mummy was too busy to blog].

Jellybean turned one just before Christmas. In all honesty, because we were overseas and had a short stint in our Malaysia home, I wanted to be all chilled and not bother with anything. I just wanted a family meal, cut the cake and go home kinda thing- sorry bubba. She's too young to really play with anyone, hasn't met most the people there and truly, won't understand what the hype is all about. I thought I could happily drag it until maybe she's 3 to have a party.

But then, friends and family started asking, lucky bubba got presents, people wanted to meet her...and we got guilty. So guilty we hyped it up and she got spoilt with three celebrations. -Though I'm only responsible for one.

Her first party can be seen here. It was a yellow bee themed birthday inspired by her lunch bag.

Jellybean was chilled about the whole day, while H and I got totally busy. We we're pretty happy with that, because essentially, it was for her- we wanted her to have a ball. She slept right until guests arrived, mingled with other babies (and got really mad at them for playing with her toys..hmm), ate a chicken drumstick, didn't realise what the hoo-haa was about when everyone sang- and then continued playing some more.

We ended up having a great time organising things and catching up with friends and family.

Now little one, grow up nice and strong- forever with you xoxo Mummy & Daddy