Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunar New Year 2012

Chinese New Year has always meant a lot to my family. It's the biggest celebration we'll unite together throughout the year. In my school days right up until I was married, every Lunar year eve and Lunar new year was without my family without doubt. We'd either have big family cook offs or go for a family vacation. After marriage, it was only fair that I also celebrate with H's family.

This year, our family reunion was held in Perth. Previously, my mum would slave for days as the New Year approached- so this year, we thought we'd organise a semi-potluck - each sibling cooked! Though I must say, I could feel my parents tense up as the meal got closer- it was always a feast...and this year, it was all beyond their control! But hey mum, we didn't do that bad.

My vegetarian noodles in the making...

My 'Luo Han Zai' in the making...this is basically a vegetarian dish that is cooked with fermented tofu. A part of this dish has to be left, to be eaten for breakfast the next morning- the 'New Year'. Chinese auspiciously believe that certain dishes have to be left-over to signify the year before was an abundance and thus, in the coming year we still have aplenty. 

My sister's first attempt at Steamed Lotus Leaf Chicken- which tasted pretty good!

 My Abalone + Mushroom dish...don't ask me why, but my mother always cooks this for the eve of Chinese New Year and I just followed. Towards the rear is my Sis's inlaws scrumptious Roast pork!

 Also her inlaws Tempura Prawns.

 My Steamed Fish- also auspiciously believed to be 'good' indication theres an abundance every year.

 ...Coming together with my 'Lou Sang' and Shark Fin soup. Slurps.

What the photographer missed out on were the vegetarian dishes and my Sister-In-Law's Pork chops. And who is the photographer you ask? Ask H.


A very belated Gong Xi Fa Chai to you!


  1. Woww! everything looks soo yummy!! makes my pasta look so pathetic!! ahhaa wish you could teach me how to cook!!


  2. Hannie, you are too nice! You didn't see how chaotic it was in the kitchen and the constant check ups my mum had in the kitchen- obviously no confidence in me whatsoever!

    Was that day's pasta for your family? That looked yummoo k!

  3. Your mum was probably just used to taking over the kitchen, but im sure she was happy with the outcome of your cooking! Coz i would bee!! =) Yup, the pasta was for the family.. only for personal (family) consumption for now! :P