Thursday, February 16, 2012

My food, your food

On good days, I make myself a nice lunch and give something adequate for Jellybean's snack. By the time I have my lunch, Jellybean is usually well fed and had a period of rest before this 'snack' is given. Sometimes she's hungry, sometimes she's not and sometimes, she's just picky.

So today I made myself a nice Vietnamese Chicken Baguette- something I've yearned to try ever since I got this month's issue of Donna Hay. By golly, I loved the lemongrass, galangal...ginger..daikon ....everything.

..And I gave Jellybean this- bread and cheese- something which she regularly eats. Today, just for novelty's sake, I even shaped it- ships, trains, and all. She's going through a 'brrooommm brrrooom' stage, very un-ladylike, but it doesn't bother me- not now.

What did bother me was that she placed all her 'transportation' on the floor, came up to me and asked for my food.  ...And when I didn't give it to her fast enough...she started picking off my plate!

What happened to baby food? She's growing up too fast.

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