Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Range?

My mum's currently rearing some chooks.  5 to be precise. Its pretty nifty I reckon. It's our say against those farming battery chicks.

The chickadees don't have a coop or anything. So they're pretty much free range and organic- no awful stuff like growth hormones or unknown injections. Well, technically they're not 100% free range,because err...they are attached via a nylon string. But I don't think its anything that concerning, they still get to run around a fair bit..

So much so that one decided to go totally free escaped the mighty strings and err..decided to find another abode amoungst my mum's mango trees. Its the one that got away.

I say chooks are a snobby bunch. They always give me their rear end. Like Blackie here nearly always goes the opposite direction. Hmm..I wonder why?!

I haven't worked out the names for them yet..but we have quite a bunch of hot chicks.


  1. lol ... good old ayam kampung, so skinny! so different from my mother-in-law's three fat chooks. they even get to eat pavlova for dessert lol.

  2. yes! ayam kampung!! ..well, we did feed them something sweet..but its only because I did a baking disaster.

    your mother-in-laws chooks have a luxurious

  3. yes i bet they miss her a lot. lol. the rooster in the last photo reminds me of the rooster that's always on the bowls when you have hawker foods in asia :)