Monday, December 28, 2009

Mrs Incredible

Part of being a domestic goddess and incredible wife is saving money- on things like wrapping.

Ok, I completely made that up. I'm just stingy and not willing to spend dosh on dodgy looking Christmas wrapping paper OR buy beautiful wrapping paper at exorbitant prices.

So guess what I did? I mean, this tops the list of stingy- but it works. Especially when you know your recipient is no Martha Stewart and keeps wrapping paper for recycling.

Wrap the present in plain white paper, graffiti design it, tie a ribbon...TA DAA!! Its easier than stamping and you could write any ala carte message on it. Super. Done in a jiffy.

Note of Disclaimer: Please don't use such wrapping advice if your recipient is super sensitive about wrapping. I think this wrapping method only works for spouses.

Ps. I once heard of a man who asked for his gift balloons to be wrapped. Who wraps balloons? I mean fully inflated balloons!! Wrapped!! Seriously?! Please don't be that man. I beg you.

1 comment:

  1. Your packaging looks very cute. I like it. I used Chinese newspaper to wrap birthday gifts for the Westerners. It's quite fun.
    Best Wishes for 2010!