Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tres Leche..I think.

Is it morally wrong to give chooks their own by-products?

Like..if I bake a cake, the cake has eggs and assuming (and I do mean assuming...) the cake was a flop and I fed the chook the flop-cake, does that make me subject to Greenpeace? I mean, the chooks loved every bit of it -I swear! They ate, they chirped,cockadoodled and did their birdwalk thing, so I'm sure they're happy and all. Really.

Because I made Tres Leche Cake. Well, I think I did anyway. Because I've never eaten it before, just that it looked like this-

... sounded great and appealed to my tastebuds...whatever.

But err..mine looked like this-

... tasted like a sweet omelette and was loved by chickens. The cake rose, fell, got drenched in the milks, went totally overboard in the sugar department and was thoroughly enjoyed by chooks.

And I'm sorry I just spoiled your appetite for the week. I really thought long and hard about whether such photos should be posted on my blog. I did. Really. And, I'm sorry. 

Its all sounding a bit wrong. But I think I've totally got the recycling thing going. I mean, chicken- egg, know what I mean.

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