Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where Frosty Doesn't Come

It's hard to resist Christmas. I'm living in a place where Frosty would melt in two seconds and there'd never be a white Christmas, but I just can't help but enjoy the happy spirit- that, or I look forward to new years - I haven't quite worked it out yet.

H and I had a cuppa at Starbucks. If my sister read my blog, she'd snicker 'Neh, over-rated coffee.' Which to some extent I agree. In my mind [ and note I'm no coffee connoisseur], the best coffees are from kopi-tiams. The Asian scaled down version of Western cafes and coffee is filtered through coffee stockings. They're strong, bold and plain old kopi- coffee. No frills. Real deal.

But then again, I guess places like Starbucks offer frilly coffee- by that I mean whipped cream, caramel lattes, hazelnut flavours and so fourth. Being a foodie, I can't help but try new flavours. Things that could potentially excite my taste buds and make me go oohhh!. Its the whole coffee and cake phenomenon, the commercialised chill factor and cashing in on events like Christmas.

And I fall for it. Bad. I go to Starbucks for exactly all those frilly bits. I get sucked into having things like toffee bits on top of my latte. Apparently a limited edition Christmas drink.

Yes, these toffee bits that delicately lay above the foamy cream.

And I totally lose myself when there's chocolate- this case, Caramel Chocolate Cake. The exact piece I forced H to share with me- just so I dont feel as guilty. We succumb to the chocolate sensation, the flavour gently melting in our mouths silencing us for atleast a few minutes.  Ahhhh....

Merry Christmas everyone!