Thursday, December 17, 2009

So slow, so me, so sorry.

Nearly a year after I've gotten married and I still haven't written my thank yous. Well, does writing 4 cards and figuring out I'm not writing anymore count? I do plan to mail them, I promise. But by the time it comes to you, it's most probably my anniversary. I know, my bad.

I've got a annoyingly organised friend who always manages to write her thank yous within a few days- I even told her not to give me a thank you for her baby's birthday since I haven't given mine -which are long overdue. These type of people should be sent to the moon, they're not suppose to live with normal people like me. Serious. They make me look bad.

It took me 9 months to make my photo album! - thats basically getting pregnant and giving birth - just that I gave birth to a book. And the only reason I gave birth to the book was because there was a enormous discount for photobooks, otherwise I may of been able to get literal-ly pregnant twice over.

Anyhows, a few years ago I did a photobook from a online shop- program. I loved how easy it was and how professional it looked. I decided to do another one for my wedding album. One that I could personalise and wasn't too bulky to carry around. I learnt that lesson from my pre-wedding photo album- it was too bulky and heavy that I haven't opened it up since our wedding.

I like coffee-table type books. They're convenient for handling and storage.

I went with this time. Boy was I impressed.

Bound nicely..

The colours turned out how I imagined..

Layouts could be formatted any-which-way..

And it's totally personalised.

Adding to this, I had a great discount- followed by great service and it was mailed promptly. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to document their special moments. I've even thought of collecting great recipes in such manner.

If you're interested, pop over to and if you type MYHOLIDAY40 you get 40% discount!! Just to re-assure you- I don't get any royalties, I'm just a satisfied customer whos finally done her wedding album.


  1. You thought 9 months was a long time for a wedding album .. mine was 2 years!! And haha, thanks for the reference - that's cos I have you to create me wonderful thank you cards! Lol.

  2. Your wedding album looks great :) Can you please bring it to Perth when you come in Feb?

  3. Btw, thanks for this post. I've been looking for a new photobook supplier and this one has an Australian arm too.

  4. I'll bring it if I remember..i'm SO bad at remembering things right now.

    I think Apple liases with them, so you're bound to get a shop:) good luck.

    Ps. I got your christmas card already. Many thanks:) Must you be so organised?

  5. Hei... thanks for the info! It looks REALLY GREAT!

  6. @ Santa: where's my pressie?

    Marlene: no problems. Ps, I met Ian Salang the other day and I'm looking forward to getting ur quote. Good job medianlab:)