Monday, January 11, 2010

Balek Kampong- nearly

This, is the king of fruits! I don't get why it is named so, but I presume it has something to do with its pungent and lingering flavour. I'm not a fan of Durians. At all. My life would be just fine without knowing the existance of this. Bleh. But my parents love it, H loves it, my in laws love it..and so do many other Malaysians.

Ironically, after going to Singapore- a vibrant city full of life and new technologies, a flight and long car ride later, we were literally at a kampung- a small village inhabited by few and most probably back-dated a decade or two.

My uncle had arranged a local fruit tasting session at a village near Kuching because it was none other than Durian season. My mum and H had such a Durian buffet- and trust me, its just not fun to be surrounded by Durian lovers. -It's a whole other gastronomical issue all together, but I wont go there, not today.

My father and I were more reserved, sticking to mangosteens and langsats- all of which were grown and plucked on the spot. [We had a pending wedding reception following, and stinking like Durian wasn't our thing. Then again, Durian is never my thing]

Now, if you haven't seen a Durian tree, this is it. Right in the 'backyard'. The villagers tell us each tree produces Durians differing in texture or flavour. Either way, I wasn't keen on trying it.

Mangosteens- love love love! Not too sweet, not too sour. I could eat this everyday! thanks mum for modelling this.

Langsat- petals of juicy white flesh awaits.

It reminded H and I of our late grandparents houses. Oh how far we've come.


  1. Yummmmmmm!! I would have such a ball there!

  2. Next time u should arrange your holiday around fruit season!