Monday, January 25, 2010

Part III: We're ONE!! [Accomodation]

Ocean view, king bed, walk- in-wardrobe and a butler. What more could you ask for in a hotel room?

Just kidding about the butler. We didn't get butler service in this hotel...not that we ever do. That's just H peering out the window.

...And this is where I went crazy.

I have a thing going on with double vanity basins. It's just cute to be brushing your teeth together. Ohh...and did I ever tell you about my love for long bathroom benches? It's just a necessity.

Then its a whole other issue when you get to soak in a bathtub overlooking the ocean. That's personal space.


  1. hey.. im no butler :P

  2. hehe looks just like the room we stayed in before:)

  3. butler..hubby..same thing

    jess-it most probably is since they normally dont open up other blocks