Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still getting my groove..

Forgive me. I'm still moody. And I presume I will be like this for a little while because I felt like my holiday was robbed. Its just not right. My plans of being a foodie and counting down on New Years Eve were all replaced by migraines, vomitting and sleep. So I plan to sulk, sulk until my next holiday magically appears.

My family is all over the place. My brother is in Hong Kong, my sisters in Australia and I'm in Malaysia. So ever since we all started working and got married, full family gatherings have been rare. This year, we decided to meet in the middle- Singapore- a foodie and shoppers paradise.

The food didn't disappoint. It rarely does.

Our first meal was at Victoria Peak, nested on the rooftop of Orchard Central. I'm presuming this restaurant is a franchise from Hong Kong- due to its name and Cantonese inspired dishes.

H, being the ninny that he is, is never adventurous when it comes to food. Nor will he think twice about any edible animal organs. But being extremely pressured with my family and uncle plonking a big piece of Goose Liver pate on his plate, he had no other option but to swallow the darn thing in front of goggling eyes. His extremely nice wife on the other hand was not only enjoying the pate but laughing at his awkward situation.

His face grimaced, nearly spitting the lump out before his facial muscles tweaked, as if suddenly realising the smooth texture and fragant taste. He actually liked it!!

So ladies and gentleman..I present to you Marinated Goose Liver Pate..smoothest ever..and endorsed by H. [He even had seconds!]

Ahhh...abalone! Need I say more?

Egg tarts delicately spiced with ginger

Custard buns...ooohhhhh...ooze baby ooze..

Last but not least, Black Glutinous Rice Dessert

Victoria Peak
181 Orchard Road #11-01/02
Orchard Central S(238896)
Tel: 6238 7666

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