Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Finds & Inspirations

I'm beginning to feel like a free foodie advertiser- I go-chomp-tell. But really its more for me, my records. Places I've been, things I've tried, interesting finds I might like to replicate and food I'd like to eat again.

So this post, I dedicate it to food found in restaurants/stalls/cafes that can be whipped up at home- no name dropping what-so-ever.

Milo Dinosaur- Why the name? I'm not quite sure. Maybe because it's loaded with Milo powder above the chocolate drink. I heart the way it's served in a stainless steel cup. So easy to make at home.

Fried Vegetables- Assortment of sweet potato, seaweed, potato, carrots, leafy greens fried and dusted with salt and icing sugar. Definitely wakes up the taste buds.

Good Old Peanut Butter Toast- Thick bread, thick peanut butter laced with condensed milk.

Honey Green Tea- Served in a large glass tumbler. Perfect for hot days. And kindly excuse my hungry husband at the rear. Thank you.

Chocolate Fondant- Gooey inside, cake outside and a crunchy biscuit base. yums! Complete with my bite marks. Doesn't that make it lurvelier?!

Fried Smoked Cheese Bites- Definitely not for the calorie conscious! Filled with diced capsicum and onions, the ultimate warm cheesy snack!

Root Beer Float [complete with H as my model!]- Huge I might add!! Note to self- get huge mugs! I'm personally not a fan of anything fizzy but this one totally satisfied H.

Now let me go look for some more....


  1. YUMMMMMMm.....btw liya...the peanut butter that from miri or singapore?

  2. hey jess..this particular one was from singapore..but miri has the same thing- just incase that can entice you to come here:)

  3. omg..looks really yummy.....