Friday, January 22, 2010

Part II: We're ONE!! [and food adventures]

Did you like my Princess story? I actually skipped the part about food because I wanted to tell you about my nearly-there encounter with a Princess. Slighty lame, but hey, it's something different.

Our first stop during the road trip was at Kuala Berait, to a Japanese restaurant- Excapade Sushi. This place is basically full on weekends from all the 'cross-country' drivers that come solely for cheap, great quantities and delicious Japanese food.

This is a staple for H- every single time. Funny how things change. When we first started dating, he hated the taste of Ikura. I think he nearly spat it out- but I guess impressions were important then! lol. Ikura- is otherwise known as fish roe.

Nother staple of ours would be Tempura Shisamo..yes, we love our fish roes. Sorry little future fishies.

I wouldn't say Excapade has 'authentic' Japanese food. By that I mean its somewhat commercialized and altered for South-Asian palates. Nevertheless, it means I get to try new concotions of traditional dishes and different flavours. Here's sushi- a mix of crispy salmon skin, raw salmon, avocado and fish roe. Loves!

They also have very creative means of keeping our order...hmm.

Didn't see..?? Look..I'll show you.

During the evening, H booked Spaghettini- a Italian restaurant sitauted right in Empire Hotel. Just a word of warning, no slippers or jeans. A window seat guarantees a view of the Atrium. Nice!

I love fresh bakery bread aromas..and this was greeting us the whole evening. They have their own wood oven! I haven't tasted bread this good for a loooong time!! The rotating antipasti serving tray definitely impressed us and filled us up. But sorry, no photos.. I think I was at awe and forgot all about it. So by the time the mains came, I was secretly hoping it was small serving. No hope, Calzone Pizza is mighty huge and so was H's main. Ahh..then it was tiramisu... I couldn't imagine a better ending. [Despite taking one hour to walk off the unwanted and uncomfortable over-full feeling. Bleh.]

Ps. Once again..sorry about the bad bad.

Ohhh... When we got back to our room, we were pleasantly surprised with this...compliments of Empire Hotel. Awww.....Seewettttt...

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