Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part I: We're ONE!! [and other Princess fairytales]

Can I tell you about my road trip? Please Please Please? 'Cos H and I turned one- legally. That means we've been married for one year! Fast huh? And to celebrate, H secretly booked a little getaway. Awwww.

I love road trips. I love them more than plane trips anyway. Cos planes are boring- I don't get to move, all I see are clouds, clouds then more clouds and I can't get to stop when I want to. Road trips are all within our control- theres no delays unless we delay it and theres definitely no overweight luggage.

Without sounding too much like a travel agent, our destination: Brunei. Brunei is approximately 30 minutes drive from where we live and if you were to go to their capital city- Bandar Seri Begawan, that would take about 2 hours. Politically, this road trip means I'm entering another country- from Malaysia to Brunei. But geographically, all is close and easily accessible.  Roads are generally easy to drive and theres usually not much hassle with customs. Infact, alot of Mirians drive 'cross-country' just for day trips and their famed foods.

We checked ourselves in at Empire Hotel & Country Club- and about a second later I already wished we could stay there a few more days. The place is huge!

They've even have their own bowling alley, cinema and lagoon pool complete with kayaking facilities. Uber cool! Oh..and to get from the lobby to our room, we managed to squeeze in about 1 million buggy rides.

Now, I would of shown you more photos, but my camera ran out of batteries and all I had was my Iphone. My bad. Note to self- Always check camera battery before travelling.

We didn't have enough time to check out all the facilites, but we managed to watch Avatar in their cinema..and here is where I have to tell you another story all together...

You see, H and I arrived at the cinema [in a beloved buggy] and had attendants waiting. So we thought 'Wow! 5-Star service!' only to be greeted by another attendant a minute later who seemed to be looking frantically for us. We're wanted!

Sir, Ma'm we're sorry to inform that your VIP seats will no longer be available. Can you kindly sit in the normal seating area. We'll give you free popcorn and drinks of your choice.

Why? We paid extra for these tickets and don't want to move. We bought our tickets this afternoon!?

Sorry Sir, we've been notified last minute, that the Princess is coming and she'll be sitting in the VIP seats. So you'll be relocated.

What? Princesses aren't suppose to sit on other people's seats?! They're suppose to wear glass slippers, sleep and look for their princes in castles?!

-No, not really. I didn't say that.

..Without much choice, we waited in our fold-down cinema seats and whinged how we should be in mega sofa seats instead. About half a hour later, movie time being delayed, it was announced the Princess was no longer coming. Yahoo!..H and I could have our big sofa seats back!! I was nice..I asked the attendant..

So do you want your popcorn back? -to which in my luck she said no.

{To be continued...}

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