Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part IV: We're ONE!! [Cards and such]

I don't know. This is a tough one.

If I give H a card and he gives me one back, that's the norm right?

But what happens if I made him a card..

Complete with a custom made brad I might add..

.. and he gives me a freebie postcard from the hotel? Is it just short of him sending me a free or card?

Just asking.

I choose to think atleast he drew me hearts on the freebie postcard. I choose to look at the glass half full- though its very close to being half empty. But no, half full, hallf full....I'm sure.

Or shall I cast a vote?!


  1. Wow, nice card Li-Ya! and i thought HE made it haha. I guess it's an original idea?! Lol.

  2. your card is very very nice liya:)

    and nice 'heart' charles...hehe:)

  3. di...he hasn't made a card since the proposal i think..hahaha...most probably the last one ever.

    jess...thanks..i give him credit for his hearts too..and the fact he brought multi coloured pens to brunei...haha...

  4. dun you think his handwriting is good for faking p.e. notes?..hahaha..

    dear Miss daughter can't swim today

  5. yes, can he teach me? the teacher is gonna think my handwriting is childish!!

  6. haha..poor mia...her teacher will think she faked her notes. ..ask gary!